Bowl, 'Crazy in love'/'Dreamy', golden rim

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Other variants:
Bol "Rêveur" en blanc, 500 ml
Bol "Rêveur" Océan intérieur, 500 ml
Bol "Rêveur" en Rose, 500 ml
Bowl Dreamy - Movie Edition- 500 ml
Our "Crazy in Love" face will be called "Dreamy", but the bowl itself remains unchanged.

 Our 500ml "Crazy in Love"/"Dreamy" bowl in white golden rim.

Perfect for cereal, soups, salads, pasta, nuts and much more. 

Capacity: approx. 500 ml

Height: 10,6 cm
Cross section: 15,3 cm

Dishwasher and microwave-safe

Genuine hard porcelain, break-proof hotel quality

Footed base, enameled top rim

100% Made in Germany

Shipped in exclusively designed gift box.

Weight670 g
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