Finally they’re here: Gift pouches are our ultimate gift wrap option that’s not simply discarded after receiving a gift, thanks to its premium construction! The pouch is crafted from undyed organic cotton, meeting the highest environmental standards. Manufactured fair and locally in the Frankfurt, Germany, area.

The gift-wrapping option with the quality pouch in various sizes starts at 5.99€. We will wrap every product in the matching pouch for you.

Simply add our pretty and sustainable pouches to your cart by selecting the option ‘Ship in Gift Pouch’.


What’s a gift without a nice greeting card? It’s not a full substitute for a hug, but a heart-felt message is pretty close!

We’re letting you add a free printed gift card to every order! You can choose between six different gift card designs to make your personalized message stand out!

Simply add for free in the cart, write your personal message

and spread the joy!


Sometimes you just don’t know which products your loved ones already have at home. So instead of gifting a duplicate, make sure they get something they really like. How? With our neat gift cards you can let them decide what dreams they want to fulfill on the web store!

Send the gift card in one of several different graphic designs and in a nice envelope at a value between 25€ to 150€.

We will send your gift card via snail mail, email – or both! Just use the link below to craft the gift card that’s perfect for the recipients on your list.

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