Oh, Please!

Who said that TASSEN products have to make happy faces all the time?!
How about some emotional depth; some kind of variety. Because before our TASSEN can look content and happy, sometimes they need to make a wish and be hopeful about a fortunate event in their future – expressed by this irresistible face pleading, “Oh! Please!”

What’s more compelling to look at than a face obviously pleading to be granted an innermost wish or desire – like this one?

Probably nothing...

One day, we found ourselves looking at one of our TASSEN characters with this make-a-wish face from the computer screen in our animation studio.

And who are we to say no? So right then and there, we decided to break with the tradition of sending only happy-faced TASSEN into production as porcelain products.

It was definitely worth the effort, and we are especially delighted by how many of the subtle details have made it into the actual, physical product! So there, your wish has been granted – now quit begging!

Oh, Please! Cup (February 2013)
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