The Simple Copy/Paste Version

This way is most suitable for newbies who are only just beginning to explore the world of animated online images. Once you feel more confident in this genre, we highly recommend switching to approach #2.

Step 1

Visit on your phone and search for ‘fiftyeightproducts’.

Step 2

Click on the EmotiCup you like best, it will appear in an enlarged version. Now click-and-hold again in order to copy it.

Step 3

Open your messenger app (WhatsApp, Messenger etc.). Click and press the text window until the ‘paste’ option appears

Step 4

Place the EmotiCup and send your message.

The Giphy App Approach

Do you enjoy sprucing up your messages with fun animated imagery? Then check this out! Here’s how you can load the Giphy app into your keyboard:

Step 1

Visit the App store to find the GIPHY app and install it.

Step 2

Now visit your phone ‘Settings’.

Step 3

On the bottom, choose ‘General’.

Step 4

Click on ‘Keyboard’.

Step 5

Choose the option at the top, also named ‘Keyboards’.

Step 6

Go to "Add keyboard" and search for GIPHY. You will find the freshly installed GIPHY keyboard in the list abouve.

Click on it.

Step 7

This will allow the GIPHY keyboard access to all apps on your phone that rely on keyboard commands.

Step 8

Open your messenger app and press the ‘globe’ symbol on the bottom left to activate the GIPHY keyboard.

Step 9

In the search bar, enter ‘fiftyeightproducts’ or ‘Tassen’ to find the animation of your choosing. Click on the animation to copy it, then press the text window in your messenger to paste it.

Step 10

Pro tip: For future use, you can also add animations and GIFs to your Favorites for super-fast access.

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