It’s all about offering the best feature of emojis, which is expressing emotions without the need for big words.

Emojis have made all of our chats, text messages, and emails so much more convenient by quickly conveying to recipients how we’re feeling at the moment.

To put it in marketing lingo, emojis are non-verbal and international.

And that’s exactly what EmotiCups are looking to achieve.

With that said, here’s what makes our EmotiCups unique: Instead of your run-of-the-mill smiley faces, they feature our line-up of TASSEN characters, including animated cups, bowls, mugs, and tea pots.

This may sound like a long overdue idea – which it is – but making it happen turned out a rather involving process.

As we learned, transforming our TASSEN dishware into EmotiCups for our digital communication channels posed some challenges.

From the initial idea to first sketches and actual implementation it was an arduous process until our fan community could use these little charmers. 

What’s the big deal? Well, everyone familiar with our animated TASSEN videos knows that we’ve been breathing digital life into our characters for quite some time now. So that may lead some to think that the majority of the (digital) work required to create our EmotiCups is already done. 

But actually, it’s more complex than that…

Because from a technical perspective, EmotiCups have far different requirements than the animated characters in our videos – although they depict the same characters. Sure, EmotiCups are also animated, although this happens via extremely short GIF-animations that need to make an impact in a matter of seconds, all the while looking expressive, emotional, and lifelike.

But despite the uphill battle, it was the same as with every great idea: Once it’s out there, people just have to do their best to make it happen.

In this case, the people making it happen were part of the creative team at FIFTYEIGHT Animation (our core company and creative roots; you can learn more by visiting ).

Although they’re not exactly rich in free time for new projects, they jumped on the EmotiCups project without hesitation. They started with the basic work to lay the foundation for this immense project, because after all, there’s a rich spectrum of emotions out there and the portfolio of EmotiCups was aiming to cover as much as possible.

Ultimately, the team succeeded in breathing (digital) life into 25 different EmotiCups that are now part of our great big family.

Developed and produced in-house by the creative minds at FIFTYEIGHT Animation, the EmotiCups have been popping up in chats and social comments all over the place and have officially gone viral out in the far reaches of the digital universe.  

And yes, we offer them for every possible mood, which was an important factor for me right from the outset. Thanks again to the girls and boys on our team for this amazing job.

Timm Osterhold (CEO and co-founder at FIFTYEIGHT)

Now you probably would like to know where the funny EmotiCups are available for download and how to integrate them into your chat messages?

Just keep on reading here and have fun with the whole gang of EmotiCups!

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